This Is How You Can Have A Healthy Pregnancy

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Expecting the stork? Well, it's natural to be over the moon about it and at the same time also be wringing your hands in panic. Pregnancy hormones will do that to you. Impending motherhood can send most of us in a tizz, but here's how to have a healthy, happy, and stress-free pregnancy.

Before we get into the tips, remember, we live in a world with many prevalent infections. So step one to a healthy pregnancy has to be adequate washing of hands to keep yourself germ and infection-free.

Keep It Moving

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Maintain your activity levels while you are pregnant. If you did moderate exercise before, continue it. If you were into hardcore workouts, slow it down and take your doctor's advice. If you did not exercise, start some gentle moves like walks or yoga, with medical advice, of course.

Exercising during pregnancy not only reduced the risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension amongst others but it's also linked to easier births and healthier children. Plus, it's a good way to get better sleep as well.

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Have A Drink, Of Water

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Hydration is all-important during pregnancy, and not only if you plan to breastfeed later.

Water not only helps the body to absorb essential nutrients in the normal course of things, but it's also key to letting those nutrients reach the baby when you are pregnant.

All the healthy food you eat for the baby, it the water you drink that lets the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients reach the baby through the placenta.

Experts say 10 cups of water a day are ideal for a pregnant woman but feel free to have more as per your thirst.

Eat Healthy & Right

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Even if you were not a healthy eater before, now is the time to mend that and eat a well-balanced diet, with room for cravings, of course.

If there are things that you cannot stomach, avoid them. The idea is not for you to force food down your throat but eat wholesome meals that are rich in nutrients like folate and folic acid, calcium, protein, iron, and vitamin D.

Your Ob-Gyn may already have prescribed you tonics so make sure you do follow your doctor's advice. Ask for holistic solutions if chemicals turn you off.

Here's a quick checklist.

Keep Up The Doctor Visits

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Pregnancies today are not what they were a decade or two back. Today's medical science tries its best to rule out any risk to mother and child, with a battery of tests that follow a schedule.

Remember to follow your doctor visits schedule and do not miss appointments because you feel they are not needed.

Even if you plan a more holistic and organic birth, make sure your body is ready for the challenge of birthing, and that everything is healthy with you and the baby.


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