Gisele Bundchen In Bathing Suit Shares Meditation Tips

Gisele Bundchen
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Gisele Bundchen has been posting smoldering bikini snaps over the years. She once again shared a sizzling beach view along with nuggets on meditation. Gisele carried on a cool demeanor to pass across her wholesome self-care message.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become summer-ready too!

 She Practices Meditation On The Beach

Gisele loved meditating and connecting with nature for a more soothing atmosphere. There was something about meditating on the beach that caught the attention of the Brazilian model. In an Instagram post, she was meditating waist-deep in the water, displaying her firm black bikini top.

With hands hidden in the water, she looked up with closed eyes, making her sun-kissed blonde hair fall to the back. The open sea and evening sun emitted a more serene atmosphere for meditation. She shared nuggets on meditation with her 19.1 million Instagram fans, informing them of the benefits of meditation. 

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She Embraces The Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation has a lot of benefits. Gisele has embraced this mind-body medicine and testified of its benefits. She has been a long-time practitioner of meditation who believes we can find the answers we seek within us when we clear the mind. She urged her fans to get involved in the practice to acquire a tranquil transformation.

According to Mayo Clinic: "Physically, people find they have improved mood, they sleep better and (have) better memory and concentration… The heart rate drops, your respiratory rate drops…The body is healing itself and starting repair". 

She Is Dedicated To Her Skincare Routine

Being elegant and flawlessly stunning required a whole level of dedication. Bundchen knew the importance of skincare and evolved her attitude towards it. According to Grazia, she decided to focus on eye care as she has gotten older to maintain a sophisticated look though she did not prioritize them in the past.

Now, she has allocated more time to care for her eyes to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. In an interview, the model also discussed the importance of eye care, "I feel like the eyes are the window of the soul. I'm more aware of it than ever." 

She Eats Healthy

To support her glowing and youthful skin, eating healthy played a vital role, among other things. Diet can impact changes in every part of the body. The fashion model talked about keeping things healthy to maintain a clear and glowing complexion.

"I always say let thy food be your medicine because I also think food is very important," the Brazilian native explained. Eating greasy food was not good for the skin, so she made sure she avoided that. To get a good reflection on her skin, the model eats a lot of fruits, vegetables, and protein. 

She Indulges In Exercises

The author and meditation guide does not miss out on exercising every day. She does various kinds of exercises to keep the body in shape. According to Us Weekly, she spilled a few of her workouts, including kung fu, cycling, and pilates. She also did capoeira (Brazilian martial art), Muay Thai (Thai boxing), and yoga. 

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