Lea Bouard Enjoys 'Summer Training' In The Paris Mountains

Lea Bouard selfie close up
instagram | Lea Bouard

Lea Bouard is enjoying the summer to its fullest. The freestyle skier took some time away to enjoy summer training in the Paris mountains.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Indulges In Summer Training

Bouard took a week to bask in the beauty of nature and engage in some of her favorite summer training activities and she is loving it. The 26-year-old had summer training in the beautiful mountains of Paris. She shared a clip on her Instagram account of her engaging in all her favorite training activities including running, hiking and biking and even some yoga. She took some time to relax and soak in the beauty of nature as she was seen laying on the mountain. She was able to discover three resorts too.

She Knows When To Recharge


After an intense season of racing through icy snow, Bouard takes some time to recharge from the activities of the season. It has become the norm for the German skier who finds it essential to keep one's sanity by doing things that help you de-stress when you are not working. Some of her favorite anti-stress activities include surfing and swimming.

After an outstanding competition at PyeongChang in 2018, she went on vacation to Dubai to unwind. As seen from her vacation pics, she enjoys coconuts and spent time in a pool with the Biggest Wheel of the World behind her.

She Takes Time To Unwind

After her time in the pool, the athlete sat on the beach, soaking in the sun while stretching her legs. “Little vacation to rest the mind after a big winter season and university before resuming the training thoroughly! Two more days and let’s go for a new season,” she explained.

Kristin Lothman, a mind-body counselor with Mayo Clinic, says intentionally setting aside time to be quiet and practice self-care is a practice that can reap significant benefits. It is important to remember that self-care does not need to be elaborate, but it should be an ongoing personal practice. Basic self-care practices include any intentional action or behavior that gives energy and enhances a sense of well-being.

She Is A Supportive Sibling


Bouard has no problem trying out other careers to help out those she loves. In an Instagram post shared last year, the Olympian revealed that she had to sacrifice training to work as a waitress for a while. Rocking a metallic bikini, she was smiling brightly on her “day off” as she explained her absence from intensive training.

According to Bouard, she has been working as a waitress at her brother's restaurant which he bought shortly before the pandemic began. For her, it was important to “support each other in these tough times!”

She Thrives Through The Hard Times


Bouard lost her grandfather last year, which led her to take a mental break to regain her focus. She firmly believes that mental health is linked to physical health. She is feeling down, it affects her metabolism which in turn makes training difficult which is why the athlete believes in the importance of taking necessary breaks.

According to Breaking Global, after the much-needed break, she came back even stronger and has been thriving since. She does not let challenges take the best of her, rather she keeps a positive mindset.

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