Millie Bobby Brown Makes Her Directorial Debut

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Millie Bobby Brown is only 18 years old, but she's already becoming a force in the movie industry. The young Stranger Things star made her directorial debut last summer in partnership with Samsung. She made a short film using the brand's newest smartphone model, the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

As a family-oriented woman, Brown invited her brother Charlie to be the director of photography for the short film. At the same time, she wore many hats - producer, writer, voiceover artist, and actress.

Telling Empowering Stories

She opened up about her evolution as a young woman in the industry, saying,

"Telling stories that empower young women is something that’s always been really important to me. Going behind the camera to direct a film with an important uplifting message of positivity has been a career goal."

She ticked an item off her bucket list thanks to the Nightography feature on the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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Brown On Becoming A Woman

The scene opens with a young Brown, played by another actress, sitting in the dark in a black leotard with ballet flats as she climbs out of red aerial dancing silk. She enters the silk to the top while her younger version cheers her on.

Together they unknot the silk and embrace the freedom of self-actualization.

"Young girl welcome to a world of the unknown. I know it's scary but don't be wary, you'll know more once you're grown... You're using your voice now, expression is your skill, you're bold, wild and hungry... your older self, less vibrant than you..."

Play the video above to hear the rest of the poem.

Looking Forward To More Women Directors

Brown shared her dream collaboration with women directors about her directorial debut via Instagram. The film is about growing up as a young girl and not knowing what to do. The silks represent womanhood. She added,

"I wanted to tell the story of a young girl taking on the world with a sense of empowerment and vulnerability who creates space for self-love in the face of criticism."

Dream Collaboration

Brown told Teen Vogue that she dreams of working with Greta Gerwig due to her incredible resume and personality. The two once met, and Gerwig was pleasant to the younger actress, building interest in working together once. Perhaps the opportunity would present itself in the director's upcoming movie Barbie featuring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and Will Ferrell. Overall, Brown's goal is to use her talents to empower people.

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