Cardi B Shows Huge Thigh Tat With Baddie Post

Cardi B
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Cardi B is the definition of an Insta baddie! The 30-year-old rapper heated up her Instagram feed with a steamy post that showed off her huge thigh tattoo and her followers are beyond captivated by her jaw-dropping curves.

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Showing Off Her Ink

In a recent post, Cardi shared a number of pics promoting her new merch. The carousel post featured a pic that shows her sitting on a lounge chair while wearing a fuzzy cardigan, tiny booty shorts, and platform heels. She made sure to cross her legs and lean on her side to display her peacock tattoo to the camera.

Cardi's Peacock Tattoo

The WAP singer has many tattoos spread out all over her body, but the peacock on her right leg is the most notable ink she has had done, so far. The colorful bird starts on her right hip and goes down to her thigh.

Flaunting Her Ink

An active Instagrammer, the rapper always makes sure to flaunt the artwork on her body in her posts. The peacock tat is one of her favorites and makes a regular appearance in her feed. Her OOTDS definitely look a lot more interesting with the beautiful art on her skin!

Pain Is Beauty

In a previous post, Cardi showed off the tat in a video clip after it got revamped with brighter colors. According to Cardi, she had to endure hours of pain, as the artist had to work on her seven days in a row. But, she absolutely loves how it turned out!

"So in love with tatt ♥️," she captioned the clip above, which gained over 18 million likes on Insta.

Floral Ink

On her left side, Cardi also has a stunning trail of flowers that run from her upper back to her lower thigh. She had followers shaken when she modeled the tattoo during date night, when she wore a backless dress that was so low it was exposing half of her bottom.

For The Husband

Right below the trail of flowers is a tribute tat for her rapper husband, Offset. The two are still going strong after almost getting divorced in 2020 and now have two children together. The Migos group member also tattoed Cardi's name on the side of his neck.

Full View

Cardi's gorgeous back tattoos were also highlighted in her WAP shoots with Megan Thee Stallion. Wearing nothing but a red g-string and platform heels, Cardi sat on the ground while Megan was beside her, and displayed her backside view in all its glory.

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