Brie Larson Stuns Braless In Sheer White Dress

Brie Larson
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Brie Larson had her followers zooming in on her Instagram photos after a recent post revealed she is embracing the braless trend. The 33-year-old actress shared the scroll-stopping pics on her feed, creating quite a stir among her fans.

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No Pasties, No Problem!

Brie Larson wearing a sheer white Chanel dress.
instagram | Brie Larson

The actress shared a carousel post featuring her gorgeous sheer white Chanel dress at the Cannes Film Festival. While most celebrities wear pasties underneath see-through outfits, the Marvel star decided to fully embrace the sheer dress trend and go completely braless, fronting her assets for all to see.

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Followers Are Stunned

"This is me before bawling my eyes out during the closing ceremony," Brie wrote a lengthy caption for the post, sharing her memorable experience in the event.

"Lord have mercy, we must stay focused, brothers," one fan commented.

"I zoomed," another one wrote.

Stunning In Chanel

Brie Larson wearing a Chanel outfit.
instagram | Brie Larson

As per her caption, Brie's Cannes experience has been an exhilarating mix of fashion and cinema. The star made sure to share her impressive outfit changes on her feed, keeping followers hooked. She wore another stunning Chanel look for the event, one that showcased her rock-hard abs and small waist.

Baring Her Midriff

Dressed in the midriff-baring outfit, Brie was a captivating vision on the red carpet. The ensemble is classy and daring at the same time, highlighting her toned body and leaving us all in awe of her superheroine figure.

Invisible Bra

A couple of months ago, a photo of Larson from The Marvels went viral on Twitter. People loved the fit of her tank and "invisible bra", which gave her ample lift and support, minus the awkward seams and underwires. Everyone wanted to know what kind of magical bra Brie was wearing!

Her Explanation

Brie Larson in a sheer dress for a movie premiere.
Flickr | khizerumar3030

The actress offered an explanation for her viral photo: "It was a whole team effort: @ChantelleUS t-shirt bra (with an extra strap stitched in). Basically…we need new scientific breakthroughs to make this easier. Shoutout to Rebecca Higgins for engineering the beauty we see on screen!" she said in a Twitter post.

Enjoying Her Adventure

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, the actress revealed that she's currently open to whatever and just enjoying her present life. After hinting at her recent breakup, Brie spoke about her next plans and going through a "period of adventure".

“I don’t have a next job. I don’t have a home. I don’t have a partner. I don’t have a plan. I’m just completely open,” she said. “I have nothing left to give unless I go through this period of adventure.”

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