Britney Spears Suffers Bloody Injury In Bikini Bottoms

Britney Spears close up
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Britney Spears has revealed that she suffered a painful injury while uploading a home dancing session and bikini-clad. The 41-year-old pop star recently posted to Instagram with another of her legendary home moves videos, posting in skimpy bikini bottoms and boots and dazzling fans with her energy.

While Britney was wowing the camera as she shook her stuff and spun around, the Toxic hitmaker also made a reveal. In a caption, she told fans that she'd cut her foot by "accidentally" stepping on some glass. And there was blood.

Dancing In Her Bikini

Looking in high spirits, Britney showed off her fabulous figure while she whipped her hair around and shimmied her body in a bright, summery look.

Opting for a loose-fitting coral-red crop top with billowing long sleeves, the blonde flashed her washboard abs as she also rocked a skimpy pair of bikini bottoms in red and pink prints.

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Throwing In Boots

Upping the ante with her footwear, Spears showed off her legs in a white-heeled pair of boots while dancing away and wearing her light locks down.

See The Video!

Britney also reappeared in green snakeskin bikini bottoms and a white top, here switching to a different home dance video. This fed right into her caption as she danced to singer Janet Jackson.

"Re-edit … second half is without my white boots !!! I went barefoot … but can you guess the part where I accidentally stepped on a piece of glass and cut my foot ??? I played it off but blood was everywhere !!! Hint: I go ouch," she wrote.

You Can't Comment

While fans have left over 170,000 likes, they've not been able to comment. Britney disabled comments to many of her posts earlier this year following bullying comments and mental health concerns from her fans.

Skimpy Shorts To Kiss Husband

Bikinis are standard on Spears' IG, but so are summery shorts looks. She wore cute white shorts and a red print shirt in May while smooching husband Sam Asghari.

Proud Of Her Flowers

In a caption, Britney wrote: "Ok so I’m proud of my flowers 🌹🌺🌸💐!!! I’ve been pretty modest about my home 🏡 !!! I’m redesigning my house !!! I feel so blessed to be with such an incredible husband who inspires me everyday 🥰 !!! Have a brilliant day my friends and godspeed."

Happier Than Ever

Despite the fan worries, Spears maintains that she is happier than ever! Her photos seem to show it!

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