Minka Kelly In Bathing Suit Shows Flawless Skin

Minka Kelly
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When leisure time calls, Minka Kelly is ready to flaunt her figure in a stylish bathing suit. The actress is embracing her skin and took to Instagram to display her clear skin in an up-close snap.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Is A Lifestyle Pro

The Almost Human actress took to Instagram to flaunt her flawless and clear skin while rocking a black string bikini. The up-close snap only gave a view from her bust to face. The string bikini top held firmly onto her body and displayed her enticing cleavage. Minka's flawless and clear skin was on full display as she took the selfie looking at the camera.

The actress added a sun protection hat but rays of sunshine still shone on her neck and part of her face, making the clear skin more visible. The actress captioned the post "Long time no see" and got a lot of fans envious of her clear skin. 

She Once Revealed A Beauty Mistake

During an interview with People, Minka revealed a beauty mistake she will never repeat. Although the Parenthood actress experimented with various beauty looks now and then, she stated "I wore way more makeup in high school than I wear today."

Minka continued and described the makeup she was referring to. "I did the brown lip liner with the foundation on the inside, a lot of liquid cat eyeliner and my eyebrows were plucked almost all the way off. That was a look." The actress further said that the look in high school is a mistake that she will never repeat. 

She Indulges In A Low-Key Makeup  Routine

Minka now indulges in a low-key makeup routine unlike before. She does minimal makeup. "I'll do a little concealer under the eyes and a little blush and Chapstick and curl my eyelashes and mascara." The Charlie's Angels actress explained that she has maintained the same nighttime regime since she was 19. "I wash, tone, use a serum, and do face masks a couple times a week. For me, less is more."

According to Cleveland Clinic on face oils, "They can be useful in some situations where they can act as an emulsifier and help lift oily residues from makeup products and pollutants from the skin."

She Once Talked About Her Conscious Fashion


The Titans actress talked about how fashion to her was mostly not about clothing but about saving the world. Minka works with fashionABLE, which is a clothing and accessories brand that helps women in poverty areas by employing them to design the brand's collections. The actress stated that the brand's bags, leathers, shoes, and jewelry were all made by women from Ethiopia, Peru, and Nashville. Kelly also shared that her confidence in rocking chic styles comes from those around her. 

She Shares Her Favorite Summer Styles


The brand Kelly works closely with deals in clothing, shoes, jewelry, and handbags. The brand produced a closet summer collection which Kelly will be rocking all summer. Kelly shares that her favorite summer styles are from the slides. "They're so comfortable. They mold to your feet. I live in them." The slides include flowing maxi skirts and summer dresses. Kelly explained the outfits are "Something easy and not fussy that I don't have to fidget with."

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