Sofia Richie Flaunts 'NUDEBODY' On Instagram

Sofia Richie posing in a Chanel outfit.
instagram | Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie is basking in the glory of being an IT girl! The 24-year-old model has been treating her fans to glimpses of her exciting life. In an Instagram update, she shared a major announcement and flaunted her NUDEBODY collaboration to her millions of followers.

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Glowing With NUDEBODY

"I could not be more excited to introduce Nudebody, in collaboration with Nudestix," Sofia captioned a video clip promoting her latest project. The reel shows her applying a thick cream all over her body while dressed in various nude-toned outfits.

Celebrity News

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Looking Fresh In A Nude Swimsuit

The brand shared more pictures from their campaign photoshoot, which featured Sofia posing in a nude one-piece swimsuit. The neutral-toned bodysuit highlighted her curves and showed off her flawlessly fresh and clear skin. According to the post, the 3-step routine makes skin softer, smoother, and sexier.

Posing Topless

Sofia is no stranger to stripping down to the bare essentials but she always does it so elegantly. She previously posed topless in a black-and-white photo, which was shared on her feed. The blonde babe offered her bare back and covered up her chest with her arm while looking alluringly at the camera.

Brown Bikini Confidence

Another photo from the intimate backyard shoot shows a confident Sofia in a brown bikini-and skirt pairing. Fronting her washboard abs and curvy hips, she rested both arms over her head while leaning against the wall with a sultry, faraway look.

Beach Goddess

Sofia Richie posing in a bikini.
instagram | Sofia Richie

With her fresh face and scroll-stopping curves, looking like a beach babe is so effortless for this natural beauty. She showed off her enviable figure in a string bikini, with barely any makeup on her face as she was vacationing. Sitting atop a boat, Sofia looked over her shoulder while enjoying the warm rays of the sun on her skin.

Working Her Body

In another beach vacay update, she fronted her six-pack abs in a colorful string bikini while walking by the beach. The tiny swimsuit revealed her golden skin and sculpted physique, which she works hard for. According to Us Weekly, the model-influencer followed a strict diet and workout regimen to look snatched on her wedding day.

“You should do what feels best for your body. Incorporating some carbs isn’t horrible when you are training hard,” she advised.

Living Her Best Life

When it comes to her motto, fun is at the top of her priority list. In an interview, she explained why she isn't one to take things too seriously.

“I always live by having fun and never taking things too seriously. I know that everyone has this perfect image that they have to uphold, but I think that you’ll live a happier life if you just smile more and have fun.”

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