Chantel Jeffries Exposes Bare Back For Soapy Bathtime

Chantel Jeffries posing in Fendi underwear.
instagram | Chantel Jeffries

Chantel Jeffries just took her thirst trapping to the next level with a soapy bathtime photo that exposed her bare backside. The scroll-stopping pic got major attention on Instagram and fans continue to plead for the influencer to make an OnlyFans account!

Scroll down to see the photo.

Soapy Bathtime Fun

The model had fans gasping as she posed wet and soapy while bathing in a luxurious tub. With her bare back facing the camera and her hair clasped up, Chantell threw in a come-hither glance via a mirror. Her body was perfectly angled so that her figure was on display but sensitive parts were still kept private.

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Slip Dress Seduction

Chantel Jeffries wearing a slip dress.
instagram | Chantel Jeffries

The carousel post featured Chantel's glam strolls all over Paris. In one of the photos, she modeled a silky slip dress that exposed her bra. To keep the look muted, she wore a cardigan over the revealing mini.

"Wish I was there for the first pic 😍😍," one lovestruck fan commented.

"I will walk across glass for a chance with you," another one said.

"Do Onlyfans!" wrote another one.

Budoir Photoshoot

Chantel also made sure to flex her luxurious hotel room with a steamy budoir photoshoot. She opted for lacy, floral lingerie with a flirty and feminine feel, matching the fabric of the headboard. The influencer did alluring poses all over the bed, making sure her sizzling body took center stage.

Loves Sexy Lingerie

Chantel Jeffries posing for a mirror selfi in lingerie.
instagram | Chantel Jeffries

Sexy lingerie posts fill her social media feed, both for work and pleasure. The influencer never forgets to tag her brand partners in her selfies, offering exposure for their products. In a previous post, she flaunted her body in a strappy set of lingerie, serving Insta-baddie angles for her fans.

"🔥🔥The baddest 🔥🔥," a follower commented.

Upside Down Selfie

Because she is a certified Insta-baddie, she is a master at posing! Even in upside-down selfies, this babe looks hot, hot, hot!

Her New Career

When she's not modeling, you can find her traveling the world to host parties and spin music. Her new career as a DJ has only helped boost her popularity. Proving that she is not your ordinary influencer, this hard-working hottie is determined to succeed.

Always Improving

In an interview, Chantel shared what keeps her motivated to do more. “My motto in life is just to always put in the effort, be a good person and let life take you where it wants to. That’s something I’ll continue to live by, as well as staying to myself and continuing to work on becoming a better person."

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