Nikki Bella Stretches Muscles For 'Royal Rumble'

Nikki Bella with long black hair and red lips.
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Nikki Bella prepares to rumble with a satisfying stretch to warm up her muscles. The America's Got Talent: Extreme host posted photos of her pre-match preps, sharing the "fearless Nikki" with her game face on.

Read on to learn about the activities that help her stay in shape, as well as the photographs that prove they work—and don't forget to check out the 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become beach-ready too!

She Stretches Her Muscles

Warming up the muscles before an activity is a must to lessen the risk of injury. Nikki shared that she doesn't skip this important step, even if she is already a pro.

The wrestling superstar shared behind-the-scenes pics before her comeback match at the 2022 Royal Rumble. Dressed in her two-piece wrestling get-up, Nikki stretched her arms and legs before the big match. She also showed off her new sleek bob on the Instagram post and captioned it with a simple "Fearless Nikki | The Bob Version".

She Is Passionate About Wrestling

Wrestling isn't just a job for Nikki, it's her passion, which is why she radiates positive energy whenever she is in the ring. She also makes sure to use her fame to continue to support women's wrestling.

"Yesterday was absolutely magical for me!" she captioned pics of their match.

"Grateful to be apart of truly inspirational and empowering women! Never stop supporting women’s wrestling! It takes a lot of voices beyond the ring to help us continue to have change and fight for more!"

She Works Out Even If She's Busy

Finding time to exercise is a challenge for the new mom but she doesn't make excuses and still works out every day. Nikki shared a no-filter selfie, giving her followers a raw look at her mom life.

"Stronger and more fit everyday 💋💪🏼 ," she started. "PS I was up all night with Teo, poor baby had terrible gas, nothing like sweating out your tiredness and bags! No filter used. Grab some ice after workout, massage it on your face, under your eyes, and you are ready to go!!"

She Got Real About Postpartum

Getting her pre-baby body back wasn't easy for Nikki, who also suffered from postpartum depression. She got candid about her journey and showed her postpartum body on social media to raise awareness about the pressures women have to deal with after giving birth.

Postpartum depression is common, says Mayo Clinic. Treatment varies, depending on the severity of the individual but it is curable and often goes away on its own after a couple of weeks.

She Prioritizes Self-Care

In an interview, Nikki admitted that the new changes in her life forced her to prioritize self-care.

"Self-care to me is definitely mental and physical,” Nikki told She Knows. “I feel like mentally, when I'm taken care of, my outsides just look amazing.”

“I just feel like we give our cars oil changes so they never break down, so why not do that to our souls and our minds so we don't have these meltdowns or get into certain places that we don't want to be in?”

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